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L3Harris is reaching new heights as Missionization, Modernization and MRO (M3) service innovators. We provide end-to-end solutions through a broad range of next-generation avionics, flight data analytics, full-flight simulators, and pilot training and maintenance services for commercial and military customers around the globe.

Our state-of-the-art surveillance solutions improve pilot situational awareness and operation efficiency. We are industry leaders in voice and flight data recorders, ADS-B In/Out solutions, and precision tactical navigation systems. Additionally, our advanced displays and dependable standbys set the bar for industry standards. These leading, commercial off-the-shelf products are adapted for military use to meet mission critical obligations.

L3Harris also provides the leading industry flight data analytics platform. Simply upload your data and generate reports in our secure, patented web-portal in minutes. From regulatory cockpit voice, flight data and datalink recorder readouts to Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) and Flight Operations Quality Analysis (FOQA); L3Harris is continuously developing solutions to enhance safety and efficiency using a team of data scientists.

L3Harris completes your pilot-training requirements with state-of-the-art flight simulators, training courses and pilot accreditations. Our global airline academies provide basic training developed through years of experience and real-world insights.

L3Harris is your partner. Our customer-centric aftermarket and MRO services minimize downtime with global AOG spare and exchange logistics support, supplying critical inventory from a convenient location. In a world of everchanging demands, let L3Harris help you grow through enhanced performance and efficient operations.

About L3Harris Aviation Products, Inc.
L3Harris Aviation Products, Inc., was started in 1962 as Learjet Avionics and has a rich history developing displays, satellite communications, weather systems, and most notable the voice and flight data recorders. Throughout their nearly 60 years of aerospace leadership and providing quality products through innovation, the company and product lines have been acquired as enhancements to other product lines.

About ACSS, LLC.
Aviation Communication & Surveillance Systems (ACSS) is a joint venture LLC, with 70 percent owned by L3Harris Technologies and 30 percent owned by Thales. ACSS designs and manufactures products for all aircraft and helicopter segments, and supports products for air transport and regional airlines, business aviation, and helicopter, General Aviation (GA), manned and unmanned military aircraft operators. ACSS produces avionics systems that increase safety, situational awareness, and efficiency for commercial and military flight operators. Thales Avionics is the exclusive sales and support agent of ACSS products to Commercial Air Transport customers operating Airbus and Boeing aircraft. ACSS is part of L3Harris’ Integrated Mission Systems segment. More than 75,000 ACSS products are operating in commercial, corporate and military aircraft.

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